Autumn Days

This week my friend persuaded me to start blogging. She has been blogging for just over a month and is loving it. I clearly needed another creative outlet to go with all the others and though that I could connect blogging to my business and my Inteimg_3318rior Design was very tempting.

The last week or so has definitely been the start of Autumn. Our summer had lengthened into September and crept into the beginning of October. The cold snap has suddenly happened and this week was pretty chilly (working outside on Tuesday was FREEZING). I didn’t have any plans for this week which is sometimes a nice thing and then sometimes a tad boring; however I did think it was the perfect opportunity to start img_3339my blog. Autumn as a child consisted of walks wrapped in layers, collecting conkers, kicking leaves and snuggling up in the evenings by the fire, now as a grown up I thought why not do all those things again. On Saturday whilst going for a quick walk from my parents house down to the graveyard where I would go and collect conkers with friends and then have to walk back up to the village shop and ask if I could have a bag as they wouldn’t all fit in my make shift school jumper holder.img_3332

I will admit I was a little embarrassed to start with, its not a normal thing to do for a grown woman with no children as an excuse. but before I knew it I had filled my carrier bag up and had re-found the excitement of finding good ones as well as really cute little ones. Sorry to disappoint I shall not be going into conker fighting I wanted to get some conkers for spider prevention in my house and for the next blog that should be coming up the end of next week.

img_3323I went on another walk today with my parents and Honey the sausage dog and I can tell as I’ve got older I appreciate different things such as marrows growing in allotments, blackberries growing and seeing the leave change. these were no doubt what my parents wanted me to see every time they dragged me out for a walk as a teenager. It is strange to think how the little things change as you get older, although don’t think I’m ancient I got ID’d today which did shock me!!

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