New Year, New Me and all that…

So, New Year came around and as always people start making resolutions which we all know we are never going to keep. Last year I made a list of 12 things I wanted to achieve in 2016 and put it on my fridge. (I go there a lot). This list however did work. Most of them I achieved. Some were small things such as ‘don’t be so lazy’ some were big thing like ‘loose a stone’ which I did achieve and then celebrated with food and the stone went back on. This year I’ve decided to do the same thing again. I believe that having your goals no matter how big or small written on paper and something you see every day is always going to be easier to complete compared to goals that are only in your head, especially if you’re like me and have a terrible memory.


1.       Volunteer more- last year from my previous post you can see it was a toughie in regards to loosing loved ones. (Dealing with grief) So, my aim this year is to volunteer for charity’s whether that’s a one off or doing multiple events or fundraisers for a charity.

2.       Lose weight- a selfish one. This one was one of my goals last year however I’ve got a twist. I’m not too worried as to what the numbers on the scale any more but more about the shape and size of me. I am currently doing a Ladies boot camp which I’m loving and feel a lot stronger and would still like to tone up and feel happier with how I look.

3.       Grow my business- last year I started my own business Honey & Tweed. It focuses on furniture upcycling and interior design. This year I really want to make it something, expand and grow it.

4.       Learn a new skill- I love learning new things and this year I want to learn something new every month. I’m not sure how achievable this one will be but I’m hoping to learn different things. Starting with calligraphy. I fancy having a go at this and I’m also thinking of doing a bread making course.

5.       Travel- my sister got married 2 years ago in New Zealand. Before this I woud never of thought of travelling as I’m such a home bird but since this trip to the other side of the world I’ve got the travelling bug and I really want to see lots of it. Ive got a trip to paris next month booked and am hoping to go to Ireland with a friend later on in the year. There is the smallest chance Canada is on the list for this year  but we shall have to see how time and budgets go.


6.       Mini adventures- along side the traveling I want to see more of whats around me. Im so lucky where I live. The Cotswolds is such an incredible area to live in and it has so many beautiful little towns and places to visit. This year I would like to make the most of it, especially on those weekends when you have no plans and feel you should do more that sit in your pyjamas all day. I’m hoping to visit Cotswold towns, Stonehenge and national trust properties around me.

7.       Be kind to myself- I am one of those people who always worries about what people think about me and if I’m good enough. I beat myself up over the smallest of things, whether that’s something I said or something I didn’t do quite right. This year I’m going to try and not be so negative towards myself. Taking small steps at a time I’m going to try and boost my confidence within myself and not beat myself up if something doesn’t go perfectly.

There are 5 other New Year’s resolutions however they are probably really boring for anyone to read but this is a little selection of my plans for 2017! I hope you all had a wonderful New Years and 2017 brings you love and adventures.


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