20 Facts about me…


20 Facts about me…

On Instagram there are a lot of tags asking for 20 facts so I thought I’d blog mine instead

1.        I grew up in Gloucestershire and have never left.  I’ve got a large family here and a wonderful set of friends I couldn’t think of moving away

2.       I brought my house 3 years ago now when I was 23. Its small and not perfect but I’m trying my best to make it the best it can be

3.       I trained as a dance teacher and own my own dance school

4.       I’m currently studying interior design at the National Design academy which is hard work but hopefully will be worth it

5.       I started upcycling furniture before I moved out of my parents. I had a bedroom full of furniture covering every wall which filled my house when I moved in

6.       I have run a half marathon and a couple of 10k’s. I used to play netball for a team too but gave that up but would really like to get back into it.

7.        I’m very self-conscious. I have an irrational fear of being judged and what people think of me. This year my aim is to wear what I want to wear and not what I think I should be wearing.

8.       I’ve got one older sister who now has a baby boy who I adore. She is my rock in this world

9.       I was never worried about seeing the world until a couple of years ago we went to New Zealand for my sister’s wedding and since then I’ve got a list of places I want to go and see (if only the purse strings would go that far)

10.   Honey our sausage dog came into our lives 2 years ago in September. She’s now irreplaceable and she was something the family didn’t realise we were missing until she filled that hole in our lives.


11.    I have a weird obsession with quotes, for this Pinterest is my favourite thing and my house has lots of quotes dotted around it.

12.   My favourite flowers are peonies. I have lots of fake ones and real ones in the garden

13.    I’m a serious foodie. I love food too much. My friends joke about how much I can eat and how often I eat or am talking about food

14.    I got into blogging because my best friend wanted me to go to a bloggers Christmas do so I had to quickly start writing a blog

15.   I worked as a teaching assistant alongside my dance work and I gave that up in September and am now working for myself and my dad doing interior design, painting and decorating, fitting kitchens, landscaping… you name it my dad and I could do it

16.   My family are incredibly important to me. We are very tightknit and I feel so lucky to have such a loving, close family who supports each other so much

17.    I have blue eyes and brown hair which is apparently rare and in one of my eyes I have a freckle.

18.   I’m a film nerd and can tell you what songs are in the soundtracks and quote things sporadically. My friends and family think I’m very odd for this and I often play name the film when a song comes on the radio. (My poor dad gets this a lot at work)

19.   When I was in year 3 at school my wardrobe, door knob sheered in half and it was ceramic so skimmed a section of my finger off. I now don’t have a finger print on that finger so I can’t become a bank thief.

20.   I should have been a lot taller than I am. My parent are 6ft and I am the runt of the family at 5 ft. 6. There goes my modelling career




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