A year since I quit…


Tomorrow marks a year since I quit the 9 to 5 (it wasn’t quite those hours) and took the leap into self-employment and starting my own business. I was working as a Teaching Assistant at a school not far from me. I had been juggling this role as well as being a dance teacher for the last 3 years. I had moved from an amazing primary school to one which I never really fitted into and the student I worked with was harder than anyone had let on. I was really struggling throughout my time at that school, my mental health took a bit of a bashing and the lack of support didn’t help. I expressed my issue to members of staff a lot but never felt it was heard or understood. I was edging on a year at that school when I spoke with the head and he said my contract was going to end due to the child I was supporting being moved to a specialist school (another kick in the teeth as the head told me he didn’t like to let staff go. Budget problems like every school). I quickly applied for another teaching assistant job which I did get and that was the turning point for me. I decided when the head teacher of the school offered the position to me that it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I had lost my love for working in a school and I needed to try something different. Being on the brink of what felt like a nervous breakdown is also a good moment to stop and look at your life and see what you want. In this same year, I had lost my aunt suddenly, my sister was expecting her first baby and I later went on to lose my uncle to cancer. It was at this moment I decided life is too short to not be doing what you love. Please don’t get me wrong I love children and working with them to find the best of their potential but did I want to do this till I retired… no!!! I have always been a very artist person. My love for dance, music and creativity have always been there and when I brought my house in 2014 creating a design and style in every room was just heavenly. I had done an evening course in interior design a few years before and loved every minute of it. Who doesn’t love cutting and sticking pictures of pretty home things! I’ve worked for my dad every school holiday painting and doing odd jobs since I left school in 2007 so I have experience on how interior painting works.

A year later I’m pretty happy. I really enjoy working with my dad. I’ve only been stressed a couple of times through the year and realistically it was only because I didn’t know what consistency my grout needed to be!! I’m working hard on my furniture and its proving quite popular. I do however feel very sorry for my parents who are having to live with all the furniture inside and filling up their house (thanks mum and dad). The interior design aspect is good. I’ve been studying with the National Design Academy for my Diploma in Interior Design and I’ve got a couple of potential projects coming up. I’m hoping in September to really start making this the main thing I do and concentrating on it and building the company Honey and Tweed into something not just some furniture. I’m so glad I took the leap into following my dreams and not just sticking to what I knew. Yes, its scary and at times I did panic about being able to put food on my table but actually your metal health and wellbeing is the most important thing and life’s too short to be doing a job you don’t love.


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