I’m Dreaming of a Scandi Christmas…

When it comes to Christmas I am its biggest fan. I am excited all year round and start watching Christmas films in august. (Yes, I know I’ve got issues). Every year we make decorate our homes in our own personal style, whether its digging out the old decorations out of the loft or if your one of the lucky ones who buys a new set of decorations every year with a new theme. Some of the themes for this year’s Christmas are looking good. We have the traditional style still there as always, the bright jewelled colours coming through this year (John Lewis has a great selection) modern and streamline with copper and white decorations and then we have Scandi too. Out of everything this year it’s my favourite.


My aim, this year is to have a natural look with a lot of white and silver decorations intertwined. I’ve been having a look on Pinterest and Instagram for good Scandinavian Christmas ideas. Here are a few…

To start with the wreath. I’ve been using the old one that I moved out with 3 or 4 years ago but this year my mum sister and myself are off on a wreath making course in at the beginning of December. Inspiration from Pinterest is good but let’s just see how it turns out shall we. It could be a massive fail. I’m hoping it will look like one of these…


Next of course the tree. I’m not lucky enough to be able to afford lots of new baubles. But the ones I bring out every year are a mixture of white, sliver and glittery silver with little acorns and a sliver star for the top. This does however fit quite nicely with the Scandi style I want to achieve this year. I have got a fake Christmas tree that always gets brought down from the loft which I probably will use. I love real trees but I’m a bit of a tree snob and don’t like the horrible prickly trees which seem to explode needles on the floor as soon as you go within three feet of it so I might stick to my hassle-free version. Plus, I’m not good at keeping plants alive.


I’m bringing back my sledge to be my coffee table again this Christmas. It’s a family treasure and used to belong to my Grannie and used to be swapped and handed over between all of us cousins each time it snowed. A couple of years ago the rust got to it and its sledging days are over. It now has a new lease of life. I love the idea of standing it up and putting shelves on it which one takes up a lot less floor space but adds nice levels to decorations.


On to the twiddly bits. Decorations over the fire place, candles and odd bits and bobs scattered around the place. I popped into Ikea the other week and I got some faux foliage and some little cardboard houses and tiny baubles which I’m going to decorate my mantel piece with. The little houses I can put those battery powered candles in. candles are going to be everywhere. Centre of the table, round the fire place on the coffee table. They are a large part of the Scandi style and of course Hygge.  I’ve added some other images from Pinterest that looked great.



Only two months to go. EEEEEEeeeeekkkkkk.!!

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