A day at Rococo Gardens Painswick



Earlier this week myself, Honey and my family ventured to Rococo Painswick Gardens for a look around and have some lunch for my birthday. The last time I came here was almost 20 years ago on a school trip with my primary school. Considering it is only 20 minutes away I was amazed I had not been back for such a long time.

Wandering around the gardens was so beautiful. As you come through the arch way at the top you can see across the valley and down in the bottom is the beautiful garden. I loved the different sections all around and of course the snow drops its famous for.

Myself and my family got there before my photo shoot and we walked round looking at all the flowers and the gardens. My 1-year old nephew certainly liked the sheep that are there and could give them a pat (they are plastic ones!). My favourite part of Rococo Gardens has to be the white arches which with the sun shining through are just beautiful.

We all had lunch in the café which was super tasty and I can thoroughly recommend the bacon ciabatta and chocolate fudge cake.

I was meeting Mouse about Town who was going to take some photos of Honey and me. Gill was lovely and we wandered down to the main clump on snowdrops. Honey seemed to be very popular with a lot of visitors and was having her photo taken by others whilst we were in the middle of the shoot as well as ladies wanting to give her a stroke. The photo shoot was great and Gill was fab at getting Honey’s attention as there was so much going on.

If you get the chance to go to see the snowdrops at Rococo I would thoroughly recommend it however I will most definitely be going back in the summer for another lazy day in the sunshine.

Also, I would thoroughly recommend a photo shoot with Mouse about Town. The images as you can see are beautiful and I’ve been having a look at the other images she took on the day and my goodness they are great also fabulous if you’ve got little ones.




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