My 5 top tips for personal wellbeing…

We all know what its like when work gets on top of us, we have no time for much and it all gets too much. A couple of years ago I was really struggling with work in my previous job (see a year since I quit) life was super busy and I wasn’t making time for myself which was resulting in mega grumpy, super weeping Jennie… not exactly very nice to be around trust me.

Since then I’ve been trying to make sure I always give myself time and space to help me out. Quitting my job obviously helped but these are my 5 tips for wellbeing…

1.       Get a pet… now this sounds stupid and I’m not saying all go out and get a dog or a cat at the weekend, but boy do they help. Honey is my long-haired miniature dachshund who is one of my favourite ever things. If I’ve come home from work or I’m tired or just super emotional that day she can sort it out. Cuddles with a pet works miracles. I’m sure I read once about a cat’s purr also has a great effect on mood. Anyway, if you can’t get a pet I’d go and borrow a friends or family’s every once in a while.


2.       Number one leads me on nicely to exercise. Now I’m not preaching about going to the gym 4 times a week because that my friend sounds horrible to me. Walking a dog, going for a run in the countryside or the nice part of town. Swimming, dancing are all great ways of making yourself feel better, depending on if it gives you time to think through things or the opposite of putting your troubles to one side and ignoring them which ever works for you. I’m also a dance teacher and I can’t begin to tell you how great it is when you lose yourself in a dance and you can forget about everything except what your body is doing.


3.       Music. I cannot live without music. I listen to it whenever I can, I’m always singing along to something in my head. It’s always around me. It is also a great way of giving yourself some time just to sit and relax and unwind. Everyone prefers different music and I can always tell what mood I’m in depending what music I pick to listen too, whether it be chart music, musicals or more classical music.

IMG_5033 (3)

4.       Having a bath. These are my guilty pleasure. I have one almost every night as part of my bedtime routine. There’s nothing better than relaxing in a hot bubble bath with a drink and something to nibble on and I tend to watch something on my iPad when I’m in there or read a book. Its my hour to just do nothing, ignore the fact the dishwasher needs filling, I need to hoover or clean the bathroom.


Bath photo from Pinterest

5.       Do nothing. My greatest advice I think is to do nothing and don’t feel guilty about it. Go lie in your bed for half an hour just because you want to. Go sit and watch the tv because you want to. You shouldn’t have to feel guilty for resting for a while just to have some time to yourself.

IMG_5035 (2)

6 thoughts on “My 5 top tips for personal wellbeing…

  1. Great tips! I particularly advocate taking some time out and doing nothing! Up until February I was so busy I never got time for just me and to chill and relax so I really do take advantage of it now. Most of my chilling involves number 1 too – my two dogs who are happy to laze with me.


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