My November Favourites

I’ve decided to start monthly favourites on my 10 favourite items or places in each month, starting with November

Make Up

  1. L’Oreal”>Paris Volume Million Lashes in Extra Black.

I have been using this mascara religiously for years and the amount of compliments I get on my eyelashes is insane. Its extra black too which is great!

Skin Care

2. The Body Shop Drops of Light Pure Resurfacing Liquid Peel

Possibly the most disusting product ever but also bloody amazing. You just need a couple of pumps and then rub it onto your face and old horrible dead skin peels off. Like I said its gross but after it you have the skin of a baby!!


3. <a href=”http://Love Letters of Great Men“>Love letters of Great Men

A really good read about Nell and her life which dips in every 5 years and her relationship with Van. I had been off books for a while but this one got me hooked again. Its a nice easy read.

TV Show

4. Luther

Luther is new to me and I have binge watched all the series. Freaked me out a little but god it was good. If you’ve not watched it go check it out on BBC iplayer


5. <a href=”http://The Greatest Showman: Reimagined“>The Greatest Showman Reimagined

The Greatest Showman was bloody brilliant and now they have popstars covering the songs. I love love love Anne-Marie and James Arthur’s Rewrite the Stars!


6. Home made cupcakes

I am desperately trying to be palm oil free. I’m making my own cakes which I know don’t contain any in which is sooooo much better than shop brought ones with all sorts of nasties in.


7. Jolly Nice

I’ve been to Jolly Nice a few times this month. It’s a bit of a family favourite at the moment. I am loving the pheasant burger!


8. Marks and Spencers

Boy has it upped its game recently. I’ve recently had some beautiful pyjamas arrive and they are the dream (even if they are Christmassy which I didn’t realise). I got some roll neck jumpers too. Bloody love it at the moment

Instagram Account:

9. FOD- Father_of_daughters

My favourite inistagram account this month has be Father of Daughters. I am a bit new to the hype of the Father/Mother of daughters but Simon is hilarious and also those kids are gorgeous.

Cotswold Gem:

10. Stratford upon Avon (Yes I’m cheating)

Cheating big time. It’s apparently a very important gateway to the Cotswolds. I went with my sister and my nephew to the butterfly farm and then round the town. A really great day out for the family.

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